Team Simple Green is the official USAC racing team of Cycles Veloce. As a club member in good standing, you are eligible to race as long as you have your USA Cycling license. If you do not have a license yet but are interested in purchasing one, read this article first.

Target Events

In the past, the term Target Race meant a special reimbursement was offered, based on your results, for specific races selected during the season. New for 2011, there is now a Race Reimbursement Program which replaces the old Target Race program. Target Events will now be those events which the race directors have placed a higher priority, events where they would like to see  a strong Team Simple Green presence. Please make a concerted effort to register and compete in these events as they will be a prime opportunity to showcase both our sponsors as well as the club. Target Events can also be found by viewing the Event Calendar.

Race Reimbursement Program

Since 2011, race reimbursements are one of the benefits of being a Team Simple Green team member. Note that the intent of this program is to offset the cost of racing, not to fulfill your entire racing calendar. Note that this is at the discretion of the club president and/or race director and is subject to change at any time, including retroactively, without notice.


  • Race event must be sanctioned by a recognized and approved cycling body (e.g. USA Cycling, UCI, etc).
  • Club Membership status must be current as of the date of the race event being submitted.
  • USA Cycling Race License must be list both club and team names,  as follows: Club Name: Cycles Veloce, Team Name: Team Simple Green (see USAC License Guidelines for details). If your license is missing any of this information, you will not receive reimbursement until you correct this problem.
  • Race results must be submitted using online form.
  • Race results must be submitted no later than 15 days after the month in which the event was held in order to qualify for reimbursement; no waiting until the end of the season. See the  Submission Schedule below.
  • Reimbursement is by event; multiple races within a single event count as one.
  • Training events do not qualify.


This program has been suspended retroactively from January 1, 2017. Please check with the race director for any future changes to the program.
Please note that this benefit may change without notice, including retroactively, at the discretion of the club.

Submission Schedule

In order to qualify for reimbursement, race results must be submitted no later than the end of the month following the race event date (see timetable below). Even if you have missed the submission deadline for a particular race, it is vital that you still submit your results as it is important to show our sponsors the team’s level of participation throughout the race season.

  • Events in Jan -> submit by end of Feb
  • Events in Feb -> submit by end of Mar
  • Events in Mar -> submit by end of Apr
  • Events in Apr -> submit by end of May
  • Events in May -> submit by end of Jun
  • Events in Jun -> submit by end of Jul
  • Events in Jul -> submit by end of Aug
  • Events in Aug -> submit by end of Sep
  • Events in Sep -> submit by end of Oct
  • Events in Oct -> submit by end of Nov
  • Events in Nov -> submit by end of Dec
  • Events in Dec -> submit by Dec 31

Terms and conditions of this  program are  subject to change, depending on various factors, including such things as availability of funds, as well as the club determining whether it is seeing results at the level it expects from team members competing and contributing in events throughout the season.

USA Cycling License Application Tips

When you apply for your USA Cycling license, you need to be sure to explicitly list your club name as Cycles Veloce and your team name as Team Simple Green. Guideline details can be found here.


If you still have questions, please go to the Contact Us page and use the form to direct your inquiry to the Race Team Director. He will be more than happy to clarify the program requirements for you.

even if the submission date has passed