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Cycles Veloce, or “Fast Cyclist” in Italian, was established in 1982 as a competitive cycling team. Originally comprised of 15 members, Cycles Veloce quickly gained a national reputation for grooming young up-and-coming talent and preparing them for the pro ranks.

Some of the more famous luminaries include:

Cycles Veloce, a.k.a. Team Simple Green, has devoted much effort into growing the sport of competitive cycling and furthering the notion that cycling is a healthful and environmentally friendly sport. No air or water pollution, just exhilarating physical activity in the great outdoors. Cycling is a speed sport that doesn’t waste the earth’s limited resources or pollute the world we live in.

Our club concept is also growing outside of our humble So. California roots. We have members and competitors located in Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and even New York. Still our main population of riders reside in Los Angeles, Orange County and the city of Temecula California.

Cycles Veloce is an official USA Cycling Club of Southern California